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Dealer Buddies Events

Dealer Buddies partners with 
Car Shoppers Shuttle™
Safe Driving Tips for the Solar Eclipse 

Team Dealer Buddies at 2017 NAMAD Annual Meeting in Miami

Dealer Buddies Ambassdors at #Bentley Miami Dealership

Auto Industry Guru Shows You How to  "Dominate at the Dealership" 

Dealer Buddy Ambassadors at Digital Dealer Conference

Tampa, Florida

Chief Dealer Buddy Tandi Wilder & Dealer Buddy Corinthian Williams headed to the

Digital Dealer Conference in Tampa, FL

          Dealer Buddies #squadgoals

1. Represent our amazing auto industry clients.

2. Gain additional expertise to help them sell cars and satisfy their customers. 

3.Stay ahead of the trends in the auto industry.

4. Partner with great companies.

                   Mission Complete!

Digital Dealer Conf. 04/12/2017

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